Hiking the Rocks

Alton and the PA Rocks

Alton and the PA Rocks

After posting the picture of some Pennsylvania rocks yesterday, I felt like a sort of disclaimer was in order. Not all of the rocky Pennsylvania section requires the skill that is exhibited here by my long-time friend and hiking partner, Alton. After all, if an almost 60 year old, graybeard, with a walking stick rather than poles, and a brace attached to his knee can negotiate these rocks unscathed, then most others should be able to do so as well. When we hiked this section back in 2008, neither of us had any misfortunes that I can recall.

In reality there are some beautiful rock-free stretches of trail in the Keystone state. The section from the PA/MD border to Boiling Sprints affords some picturesque level stretches with a couple of picnic areas to walk through. Other than the Bear Rocks and the climb out of Lehigh Gap, with some exposed rock face at the top, much of the state is quite nice. Then again, when you hike with a positive attitude and are willing to accept the challenges of the trail along with its beauty, your accomplishments should supersede the travails. Most any day can be a great day on the Appalachian Trail.

Thanks for all the hiking adventures we’ve shared, good buddy.

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