Editing the Journal

For the past two weeks I have busied myself with editing parts of my journal in expectation of publishing my writings as a book. The endeavor has been a challenging one. When I was hiking the AT, recording a summary of my day on the trail became second nature. Even when I faced exhaustion or when the hour was late, I somehow found the time and energy to write. And all the writing was accomplished on my iPhone. Now, at a computer and in the comfort of my home, there are often distractions, both physical and mental, that are keeping me from the task at hand. Concentration escapes me. I wonder why. As I replay events from the hike I continue to find myself wanting to be back in the woods. This transition back into the “regular world” for a 62 year old retiree has been difficult. I have even wondered if I need a job. I’m always busy and never bored; however, perhaps some routine responsibility would help me take my mind off the trail.

So anyway, I’m editing. I don’t have a publisher and have been told by a couple of reputable authors that I may need to self-publish. Either way, the book will become a reality within the next few months. I’m just as determined to publish a book as I was to finish the thru-hike. In fact, there were many times when the thought of completing the hike in order to publish a book motivated me to keep walking. Don inspired me first. The possibility of sharing his life and my hike with others kept me going as well. For now I’m trying to embrace the idea of finishing a book with the same tenacity as I did finishing a hike. Like the hike, the book is a goal I need to fulfill. The hike took 5 months and 10 days to complete. The book may take longer. Time will tell.

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2 thoughts on “Editing the Journal

  1. Please post when the book is ready.
    Thanks, Mike ( Dons Brother )

  2. Pam Gilstrap

    No matter how long it takes, I know you will accomplish your goal. And it will be a very good book. I look forward to reading about your journey again.

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