Moving On….

On a dreary Monday morning, in the midst of a rather serious thunderstorm, I’m contemplating in what direction I want to travel over the next several months.  Wherever that may be, I’ve decided that I would like to write about my journey and share these musings with whatever reading audience that remains from those who followed my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2013.  Perhaps I’ll pick up a few new readers.  Then again, there is also the possibility that I’ll lose a few along the way.  Neither really matters that much.  I just feel like writing, with or without an audience.

So today I write without real purpose.  These will be ramblings that may offer a glimpse into where I’m headed, mentally and physically, at this juncture in my life.  In two weeks I will turn sixty-six, an age that I have thought about for the past few weeks.  Every spring when another birthday is inevitable, I seem to begin thinking of myself at the new age rather than at the present.  Since early March I’ve moved on from sixty-five in my mind even though I’ll still be the age when I became eligible for Medicare until the middle of this month.

With aging in mind, I’ve decided that I need some kind of unusual goal of motivation for the month of May, 2017.  Since I’ve begun running fairly well again, I want to focus on exercise.  A few years back, a friend celebrated his 60th birthday by running 60 miles, biking 60 miles, and swimming 60 laps in a lake over two days.  I’m not nearly up to that kind of commitment; however, I have determined that I would like to make 66 a part of my regimen.

Therefore, my goal for May will be to accumulate at least 6.6 miles per day moving in some way by foot.  That may be running, walking, or hiking.  I specify “at least” because I’ll probably surpass the 6.6 on many days.  With this plan in mind, I’m reminded of a conversation that another good friend and I have had recently.  As we age, there are only two goals that we have determined are really important when running or walking……Don’t fall and stay healthy.  The second was actually, “Don’s get injured,” but I’m trying to accentuate the positive.

Later this afternoon my plan is to run 4 miles and walk 2.6.  Each day will most likely be a little different, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.  Later this month I’ll be back on the A.T., at least for some day hikes.  At the moment three of my acquaintances are attempting thru-hikes.  I hope to meet each at some time in May somewhere along the trail.

The rain has stopped, so I think it’s time to lace up the running shoes.  If you’ve read this far in my first entry in the “new” Don’s Brother adventure, I appreciate your loyalty.   Over the remainder of 2017 I plan to write regularly, and possibly every day.    Some posts will still address hiking and the Appalachian Trail.  I’ll share about Trail Days and my books at times.  Other writings will be running related, and some may just deal with getting older and looking for new directions.  As I’ve often penned when signing my second book, “Another adventure always awaits.”  Don’s Brother

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One thought on “Moving On….

  1. Lynda and Bennett

    You keep writing and we’ll keep reading.
    Happy Trails!

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