Trail Days

On the first of May I decided to start writing again in this blog.  I did so for a few days and then stopped.  Originally, I had several reasons why I wanted to start writing again.  I missed writing.  I wanted to establish some kind of goal as I turned sixty-six.  I wanted to have a venue for my running aspirations.  And I hoped again to generate some reading interest before I returned to the Appalachian Trail for a few days.  

Since I haven’t updated the site in over two weeks, I suppose it would be appropriate to comment on what’s been happening in my world.  My running injury has improved, and I’ve been able to log a few 4 mile runs at a 9:15-10:00 pace.  I’m content.  At this stage in my life, running is more for cardio than for competition.  As long as I raise my heart rate for 35:00-45:00 four or five days a week, I’ll be happy.

For now, however, I want to get back to talking and writing about the trail.  Yesterday morning I departed Columbus and drove up to Waynesville and then Maggie Valley, NC.  I stopped by Muddabbers to see my good friend and owner of the pottery studio, Brad Dodson.  Then I ventured up to Davenport Gap to offer some trail magic to a 2017 thru-hiker, May McDaniel.  May, or Dynamite as she has been dubbed on the trail, has several reasons for tackling the challenging Appalachian Trail at the young age of 71.  You can read about her goals and the adventure at and on her Facebook page under Destination 100.  Like her page and send her some encouragement.

Right now I’m writing this entry from Damascus, Virginia, argueably the “best” trail town on the entire A.T.  Dalton, MA and Hanover, NH might challenge; however, most folks give the honor to Damascus.  For the next three days I’ll be selling my books at the author tent in the city park at the Trail Days festival.  I’m also on the program to speak at the Town Hall, Friday, at 7:30 in the evening.  It should be fun.

After Trail Days I plan to join May for two or three days of hiking.  I also hope to hook up with two other acquaintances who are in the midst of a thru-hike attempt.  Aaron “Pawki” Wilkes is somewhere just south of here, and Steven “Rooster” Riecker is already in Pennsylvania.   Rooster is raising funds and awareness for ALS in honor of his good friend, Roger, who was diagnosed last fall.

It’s good to be in proximity to the trail.  For the next few days I’ll try to document my Spring, 2017 A. T. adventure.  But for now, I think I’ll lace up my trail runners and go for a short hike.  After all, the trail is just out my front door.  

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One thought on “Trail Days

  1. Pam

    Safe hiking, Mike!!

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