Resting in Franklin, NC

It felt good to sleep in a bed last night; however, I still awoke somewhat early, a little after 7:00. Needing to get several tasks accomplished today, I made a list and set out about 8:30. The first stop was at Bojangles for breakfast. Even though the motel provided a light fare, I wanted something more substantial. I thought about the time last fall when Linda and I had dined at a Bojangles, while vacationing in the Western Carolina mountains.

After breakfast I walked to a nearby UPS to mail the old tent, sleeping pad, and a few miscellaneous items to my good buddy Scotty. I had planned to toss the tent; however, when I asked my friend if he wanted it, he said he did. Perhaps he can figure out a way to make it sleep worthy again. It served its purpose well for me over the past ten years of section hiking. Now it’s time for an upgrade in the tent category.

Next, I visited the Three Eagles Outfitters to invest in a new sleeping pad and look at their tents. Uncertain still of just what tent to buy, I decided to wait until I get to Natahala in two more days in order to do some more research. I did purchase a Big Agnes pad with 2.5 thickness and a 4.1 R value. I should expect more comfortable nights ahead in the shelters. In addition, I decided to buy a camp towel to replace the standard hand towel I was carrying. Camp towels are lighter and dry much more quickly.

When I finished at the outfitters, I stopped by a Kerr Drugs for some more necessary items. Among those were travel size sunscreen and deodorant. I also picked up some whole milk and Don’s favorite, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Then I headed back to the motel where I visited in the lobby for a while with Jolly, Nimble, Highlighter, and Wrong Way. Jolly, originally from Northern England, now resides in Westchester County, NY. I also set up a shuttle for the return to the trail tomorrow morning.

For the remainder of the afternoon I’ve been returning and sending emails and text messages, researching tents, and resting. It has definitely been a relaxing day; however, I’ m already getting a little restless to resume the hike. I’m looking forward to watching some baseball tonight, but I’m even looking more forward to tomorrow and putting in the miles on the Appalachian Trail.

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2 thoughts on “Resting in Franklin, NC

  1. W. Mac McKeown

    Glad you are resting. Have enjoyed your posts. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2013 21:46:30 +0000 To:

  2. jimmy brooks

    Hey Don’s Brother!
    Enjoying the journal, glad to read that all is well, and hope and pray for continued good journey.

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